Ken and Debra Polanco began Sanctuary Clothing in 1997. What was originally known as the Master Pant Maker, the husband and wife team quickly evolved Sanctuary into the lifestyle brand that it is today. The duo is always on the go traveling the world; it is through their adventures that their collections are conceptualized and created. Beyond the clothing, the company holds true to their mission, which is to provide ongoing support to organizations that benefit women by providing the proper resources that encourage them to pursue a safe, healthy and fulfilled life. Members of the Sanctuary team donate time outside of work as part of the ‘Sanctuary Gives Back’ program. Whether the team is providing warm meals, the company is selling their products to raise funds, or donating apparel, every minute and dollar counts towards their mission to provide ongoing support to women in need. Additionally Sanctuary has tirelessly worked to find ways to ingrain sustainability in their internal working culture and garments. The company recently released a new collection and process called ‘Smart Creation’. Through countless hours of research and experimentation, they found ways to drastically reduce water usage, energy and chemicals. Sanctuary is taking every step to continue to challenge the fashion landscape and make a positive impact moving forward.